Happy Birthday America!!

It goes without saying that all of us owe our freedom to those that fought for this country since it’s birth. God Bless you Timmy, Josh and Michelle. You’ll always be my little cousins, but to the world you are Marines and a Navy(wo)man.

As we celebrate, with friends, family, beer, fireworks and hot (tofurky) dogs and (veggie) burgers, I’m reminded of how lucky some of us were to be born in this great country, while countless other have come here in the hopes for a better life. Some legally, some illegally – willing to risk it all for a life in this country.

Those that want to join our club have to pass (in addition to a million other things) a Naturalization test.

I. love. quizzes.

Especially ones that I should know but probably don’t know all the answers too.

Mild shame and embarrassment will follow.

Don’t worry.

This too shall pass.

So I Googled, and About.com has all the questions that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services could possibly ask you (including the new ones added after 2008).

Some are pretty easy, “What are the colors of the flag?”

Here are the 100 Questions, how well will you fare?


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