Hey, Baby.

April showers bring more than May flowers, they also bring…SUMMER BABIES!! Everywhere I turn around…babies. Pregnant ladies, too. But mostly…BABIES. I feel too young to know so many people with babies, but maybe that’s because it’s hard to believe I’m not still in high school. I am, aren’t I? I have a baby shower coming… Read More Hey, Baby.

Busy Bee

So I’ve had friends here. Then I started a class. I’ve been writing articles every. single. day. Which means. I haven’t been writing here. I know. Boo, Bell, you whore. I’ve started plenty, so prepare to be totally bombarded on like Monday night/Tuesday. Or maybe I’ll pretend I actually know how to blog and I’ll… Read More Busy Bee


Lest I forget how connected we all are in this world, nature saw fit to show me again. As I left my sewing class I saw an article re-Tweeted by a friend about Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords being shot in the head at a ‘Congress on Your Corner.’ I didn’t head straight home. I had… Read More Ripples