Sto Bene

While going through my writing samples, I stumbled on a travel blog I started in college. It was my connection to my family as I ventured across the Atlantic.

Recently, I took part in a ‘final expedition’ of sorts. A professor from my Travel Writing & Photojournalism Course emailed the class alumni to invite us on the final journey. The course would no longer run and the trip to Sicily, at least as we knew it, would cease to be. After being down on our luck for the past year, my fiance and I decided it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

That was in March. I am ashamed to admit that I have not transferred any of my writing from that trip to the web. It sits in pages of a Moleskine notebook on my desk. I don’t believe I’ve ever pulled over any of my vignettes from my initial trip to Sicily. This particular one, I wrote on a sun-drenched rock in Cefalu. The city was drenched in rain when we were there this year. Even now, I find myself nostalgic for that beautiful place, but this vignette, somehow soothes that a bit. For now. For now, sto bene.

A couple sits precariously at the edge of a stone wall high above the waters. The sound of the waves intensifies, booming as they stumble over each other. Then, just as quickly as it began, silence, and the waves return to their peaceful lapping of the shore.
Cefalu, Sicily      Indifferent to the sporadic volume changes of the waters, the couple laughs and smiles, undaunted by the fear of falling or the power of the ocean.
      Offshore two fishermen lay a net.
      The young woman laughs.
      A breeze takes the opportunity to relieve the heat of the sun.
      The younger of the two fishermen stretches over the boat to keep hold of the net.
      The couple laughs, facing each other, as the wind whips her hair.
      The waves settle into constant swishing; back and forth, back and forth.
      The current pulls the boat through the waters.
      Like a ringtone in a movie theatre, a phone call interrupts the moment. She falls silent.
      He kisses her. “Sto bene,” he says, and returns his phone to his pocket.


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