But first, let me swish some oil.

Sorry for the hiatus, moving and all that jazz.

I was at a (fantastic) dinner party last weekend when a friend of mine brought up my post on oil-pulling, asking if I’d seen him comment about it before.

“Jerry does that every day.”

“Wait, what? Seriously?”

“Yeah, he’s been doing it forever, swears it took away his migraines.”

I obviously bee-lined for Jerry and bombarded him. Let’s not waste time.

Heavenly Homemakers: Coconut Oil: Why it is Good For You and Where to Buy it
Heavenly Homemakers: Coconut Oil: Why it is Good For You and Where to Buy it

“So you practice oil-pulling…”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded.

“I do it for 20 minutes every morning.”

“Twenty minutes!”

Incredulous, to me. I think I manage about five minutes before I just get entirely too bored by the process.

Jerry keeps a jar of coconut oil in his bathroom, with a small measuring spoon. Every morning, he’ll swish a teaspoon of coconut oil for twenty minutes.

He swore that it helped him with migraines and that he has friends who also said it did a lot for their sinus problems.

Personally, I haven’t been practicing it regularly enough to experience such results. I also don’t get migraines – but if I ever try to wean myself off of caffeine again it may be beneficial.

The first few swishes are a little brutal if you aren’t used to the sensation of a spoonful of oil in your mouth.

Coconut oil isn’t always liquefied – which you can see in the image. That’s a container of coconut oil. So when you put a teaspoon (or however much you desire) in your mouth you have to ‘chew’ it until it’s ‘swishable’.

I suggest that if you have a gag reflex, ‘chew’ it with your front teeth and begin by swishing primarily in the front and sides of your mouth. Eventually you’ll feel the consistency change. It doesn’t take very long, your saliva will help. I noticed about a minute into the process that I could swish without a problem.

It’s not an entirely unpleasant experience. It’s a bit boring and if you have a stuffy nose, it’s going to be damn near impossible.

It’s not something you have to stay staring at the mirror for. Putz around. Do the dishes. Make the bed. Clean up the house a bit. Watch a little television. I’m sure you could find a way to pass the time.

I spit mine into the trash and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of that step if you’re going to try this.

You cannot spit it into the sink or the toilet bowl. Jerry mentioned that he keeps a plastic water bottle and spits into that and then throws it away. Your call – just don’t let it get in your pipes. It’s oil, and since coconut oil (and others) harden in cold, it’s not something you want coating them.

Then, brush your teeth. Like I said in my last post, this is not a replacement for brushing your teeth. Use it like a pre-brush treatment. It’ll collect all the stuff you’ve got in there that you can’t see and what you don’t spit out, you should be brushing out. I’d also suggest flossing before you oil-pull and after.

I don’t hate oil-pulling. I’m not sure I’d make it a regular habit. At least not yet. If I can’t even get myself up early enough to get to the gym in the morning – well I certainly don’t have 20 minutes to putz around swishing coconut oil. I leave enough time for a shower, clothing and breakfast. Maybe breakfast, usually I drink my coffee in the car.

In any case, I gave it a go and I didn’t hate it.

You can decide for yourself.


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