Tuesday Tease: Laser-cut through my heart

If I thought I couldn’t afford things before…well…moving to Boston sure gave my financial vision a new perspective. Pinterest is so painful to look at some days, and ShopBop, ugh, don’t even get me started. Sometimes, I’ll let myself click a link in an email – if it says sale. Which. is pretty much all emails. about clothes. and stuff. or they wouldn’t really email you. So I did, and I saw a beautiful purse – not that I need one, I just like to look. It’s an Alaïa tote made of bright white laser-cut calf leather – yes, they specified the age of the animal – with a sand leather underlay. Alaïa is a Paris based Tunisian designer who defined the 1980s with his ultra-sexy bodycon dresses. Michelle Obama likes him. More respect for Mrs. Obama. I let my eyes pan right to the (sale) price tag…it’s 60% off, which means that it’s $730 – down from $1825. There are better things to do with $730 and there are WAY better things to do with $1825. That’s an all-inclusive trip somewhere tropical for at least a week. I know this to be true – Living Social told me. See the problem with this is that when you click a link to a ‘Designer’ sale – it’s not really a sale. Ever. I’m going to take some money and put it towards my credit card debt now. Le sigh.


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