Tuesday Tease: Swing Swing From the Tangles Of

Why do people deem pieces of furniture that aren’t cribs or bassinets or changing tables as “nursery” ?

How do they know where that piece of furniture will fit in my home?

Frankly, this piece won’t even fit within a home. Unless you live in a barn, in which case, well, I have nothing to say.

This piece is titled “Nursery 2 Outdoor Furniture” – oxymoron much?

It’s rustic and beautiful and I want to grab a blanket and curl up with a book in the sunshine.

The designer – etsy, obviously – designlipe birthday is actually today. How fitting that I found this on her birthday! Beside knowing that she creates Home and Garden pieces from wood, all else I’ve gathered is that she’s from Hungary.

This piece goes for $450 – which isn’t awful in the scheme of things. You know, if I had a house, or at least a yard, or a spare $450 for a wooden bench to be used only in the sun.

I wonder how much it would cost to ship that from Hungary?


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