Tuesday Tease: River Rocks

So, it’s a day that ends with ‘y’ which means that I’m Pinterest-ing.

What can’t Pinterest do for you, really?

Home Decor Inspiration? On a budget?


Quick and Easy Body Scrub Recipe with ingredients found in your kitchen that just happens to double as a great gift?


A recipe for a delicious diet friendly cocktail?

CHECK! I’m kind of thirsty now that you mention it.

Of course then, I would also find myself drooling over some jewelry.

And, as it always seems to go with me, when I click the picture the link sends me straight to Etsy.

Of course.

Colby June hand makes silver, gold and bronze jewelry inspired by textures, shapes and forms she finds in nature. She’s even committed to business practices that sustain the environment. She’s also from Colorado – I’m convinced that people from – or living in – Colorado are just cooler than everyone else. There’s just something about Colorado, man.

Anyways, I’m scrolling through her Etsy shop ( focusing only on pictures – price always evades me until I click the check out button and often choke on my tea ) there I find the most perfect, simply beautiful branch pebble ring set.

It’s perfect. Simple. Beautiful. I’ve been wearing this spoon ring for over 7 years now, I’m feeling a change may be in order and I just haven’t found anything so fitting for me.

Quick glance to the price tag.

Oh, just $780.

Really Colby June? $780? It’s a branch, and tiny pebbles. Tiny pebbles!


If I didn’t already like her so much, I’d hate her.

I suppose the spoon ring and I are meant to be for now. Le sigh.



PS They are having a sale – just not on what I want. But this bronze twig cuff is pretty fabulous, no?

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