Sicily … A Smattering.

I have no idea where to start. When I told my friend that I was going, he responded with, “Why?”

The answer seemed simple enough to me. I mean, what reason isn’t there to. But when I opened my mouth to answer him, I realized, I had no idea where to start.


Because I wanted to walk through the Valle dei Templi – the Valley of the Temples – at Agrigento. Agrigento was founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century BC.


I wanted to scramble through the Catania market on a Friday in the middle of Lent and listen to the Sicilians bargaining for fish for the family meals. This one, that one, this much, that much. I couldn’t understand a thing, but it didn’t matter.

Even still, I wanted those magic moments that happen when you least expect it. Like standing in the center of Catania as a group of old Sicilian burst into song.

I wanted to return to Taormina – this time being my second trip to Sicily – Taormina felt a little like coming home. I remembered her climbing cobbled streets and the way the town fills with people come nightfall, even more so than during the day. Couples holding hands, kids laughing and running, ladies looking in store windows, families eating gelato. A group of men sit on the steps out front of the church, its doors wide open.

In the midst of it all, my roommate and I find horses and carriages out from of the church in the main piazza that overlooks the sea. They are covered in jewels, so much so that you can barely tell they are horses. The carriages are filled with men singing and playing instruments. I don’t know enough Italian to ask what’s going on and I know the Feast of San Giuseppe has already passes. She and I stand taking photos of the horses, and watching, just watching.

I wanted to go to Sicily again. When I told my professor that a friend had asked me ‘why’, he said simply, “And that’s why he needs to go to Sicily.”

There’s a certain romance about this island that you’ll find yourself in no matter how many times you return. To see Sicily is to love Sicily. You fall in love each day, over and over again.



(PS – Trust me, there’s a lot more photos to come, this is only the beginning.)



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