Tuesday Tease: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

Hello! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well I found something. Obviously.

My roommate and I are slowly putting our apartment together. Key word here: slowly.

So, we finally decided on a table about a month ago.

I know! Isn’t it thrilling! And only $30 at IKEA.

The best part is that it folds down, so it won’t take up space when we aren’t eating. Life in New York City – it’s all about making better use of space. Hence why I’ve recently started using shelves on my wall as shoe storage.

So anyways, we figured we’d mount it a bit high, like a bar table, and we’d paint it to coordinate with whatever chairs we decided to get.

But it all depends on the chairs. Everything is riding on finding the right chairs.

So we’ve been searching. Well kind of, between traveling and holidays and work. I’ve been Etsy-ing.

We found the perfect chairs. They’re unique, they’ll match nothing and that makes them perfect – so the dining table can be its own little nook.

New West Heritage Bar Stools

Aren’t they gorgeous! They’re perfect. We could have a little Western-y nook. But Western in the best way – Bestern Western if you will.

For the tiny ticket price of….

…wait for it…

…wait for it…


Oh Etsy. You break my heart sometimes. I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Perhaps we’ll hunt down some chairs at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (where I found the most fabulous Christmas dress (tags on) for $20).

I’m sure a quick trip there will fill Tuesday Teases for the next year. You’ll see next week. 😉

In the meantime – I’m off to apply to paying positions in journalism. Wish me luck. Pray for me. I’ll need all the help I can get kids.



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