Huh? Sicily? Oh yeah…

So, we all know that I run around like a chicken with its head cut off just for fun.


Hence why my last blog post was, well…I can’t remember when.


I have maybe five minutes of spare time at work right now before I bury myself in writing and then head out for promo work.


Obviously I’m using that time to share a couple of photos and blurbs with you – but don’t worry, I plan on bombarding you obnoxiously with the hundreds of photos and stories I have from Sicilia. For now, enjoy…



Guiseppe invited my roommate Rebecca to follow her when she asked where the sound of a barking dog was coming from. A few minutes later, sweet Carmelo followed and in broken English tried to explain that Guiseppe was Palazzo Adriano’s resident cuckoo, and was most likely leading her nowhere.

At Kitch, Rosa’s sons’ restaurant, we barely breathed as we wolfed down his Sicilian gourmet cuisine. These are walnut and ricotta filled raviolis with fennel – served in a cactus leaf. Yes, a cactus leaf.

I finally got the opportunity to see the Catania market – and on a Friday during Lent no less. The seafood was astounding. The smell was too. Really glad I wore my “Etna sneakers” which graced Etna’s craters for the second time.

Donkey! A bunch of these guys were close enough to the road for us to stop the bus. We thought Mario simply wanted us to have an opportunity to photograph them…until he bounded up the hill to herd them away from the street. Boo.

The essential “Hey, I was here” photo – with my roommate Rebecca. I can see Mt. Etna from my house!!

Hope that’ll hold you all over for now. Arrivederci!

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