Tuesday Tease: I want this tree.

What can I say? I’m a tree hugger.

Not in the green-earthy-cruncy all-I-buy-is-organic-and-hemp-and-I-have-a-compost-in-my-kitchen.

More in the, I hug trees way.

Also, I love books, and books are often made, of trees.

In case you didn’t know.

This tree however, I want to buy and plant in my room.

It’s not just a tree! It’s a bookcase! A big beautiful green tree bookcase! For books! And look there! A bird!


It’s meant for a nursery.

So, I’m not only a tree hugger.

I’m a child. A toddler perhaps.

Well I don’t know what kind of toddler can afford an $850 tree bookcase, but I wish I was that baby.

I’m 20-something and I would put that up in my room. Right. Now. Without apologies.

Go green!





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