Tuesday Tease

I have an online shopping problem. Yeah. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before.

My roommate used to sit beside me on the couch and peer over at the screen occasionally saying, “Bell…are you online shopping again?”

It’s like magic. Fill out a couple of forms and Poof! in a few days something new shows up at my door.

But sometimes I don’t actually press the send button. Let’s face it. I don’t have the money.

I moved to Upper East Side. (Au revoir Harlem!)

I decided to go to Sicily. (Au revoir savings!)

I’m dating someone that I have to fly to see. Twice a month. Ish. (Au revoir saving any money at all.)

So, my online shopping, has dwindled considerably. Except for buying us a television (the first TV I’ve ever bought!).

Instead, I fill shopping baskets, then walk away from the computer. Shop, shop, shop. Don’t send.

Every so often I find something that I think is so cool, I only wish I had the money to spend on it. Or the space to put it somewhere.

I tease myself like this. Constantly.

Today obsession?

A white desk.


Pret-tee exciting.

It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Yeah I know.

It doesn’t look like much. But WAIT!

It’s like the desks you had in elementary school except better and more secret looking!!

Open it up and there’s all your stuff! Like magic!


For a mere $499 from CB2.


Ugh. Rude.

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