New York-ish

I know. It’s been awhile. It’s not like I’m working an internship and a full time job and traveling between Boston and New York City for Bruins’ Saturday home games all the while working on my novel and following a raw-vegan diet so that I can stop feeling like crap…

oh wait…

and looking for a new apartment since my lease runs out January 15th.

Oh hey! That’s my life!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fabulous-New-York-City-running-around-like-a-crazy-person feeling.

It’s exhilirating, like, hey, sure I’m not making any money at my internship and I’m sleeping about enough for the bags under my eyes to at least be only mildly visible under my make-up. Every so often, you know, when I stop and breathe, I think, “Oh, hey – I did it, or I’m doin’ it, or I’m doin’ something that feels eerily like I’m kinda-sorta-maybe makin’ it almost…”

I’ll take it.

So here I am, around the corner from job number two, downing a bottle of Naked All Natural Fruit Juice – Mighty Mango if you were interested – writing to you in a Starbucks, as the sky slowly seeps to a dark gray from the white gray it was all day today. The holiday lights in the windows and on the trees are disturbed only by the people walking by in their light-weight raincoats and big umbrellas. Rain, because it’s December 6th and a cool 50 degrees out – and that’s while it rains. I’m legitimately wearing jeans, flats, my favorite (and only) concert t-shirt – Muse, not that you cared – and a blazer. It’s like December forgot that it was…December.

I wish I had all the money in the world and someone could just go out and find me a fabulous apartment and move all my stuff into it and simultaneously book me some appointments for a massage – because I desperately need one – maybe a chiropractor, some physical therapy, a manicure, a pedicure – God when’s the last time I had one of those! – and while we’re at it, a hair cut.

So, I didn’t complete NaNoWriMo. Womp. However, I’ve started, and I have a solid base and finally feel like I can get somewhere with this idea. I also finally stopped with the ridiculous notion that I was going to be able to write the memoir piece surrounding my crazy family. Let’s be real – we’re still far too much in the thick of things for that to happen.

Ok, I think I’ve word-vomited enough all over you. This is me saying, Hi. Breathily. 7lbs lighter. Really hungry. Incredibly tired. Oddly and sometimes obnoxiously happy.

Oh yeah, I’m going to Sicily in March.

There’s that.

See you soon. With something far more exciting to read, I assure you.

Even this busy I still find time to do a Christmas Bar Crawl dressed as an Elf…well…an Elf that wears Blazers.



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