lovely lundi: monster mash

It’s October.

Translation: The Halloween countdown is here.

Translation: Your black-ish nail polish is not only stylish but officially holiday appropriate.

Last weekend, I got to spend some time with a friend of mine from college. Max and I lived in the same dorm building my sophomore and junior year. I mentioned that I needed to get a new coat of paint on my nails before we went out that night, especially after a day playing with seashells by the seashore.

“Oh my God,” my friend Max started, directing his attention toward my friend D,  “You know this girl used to change her nail polish every day. The second I’d get to her floor – not even at her room yet – I could smell the nail polish remover.”

Yes. My college reputation included not only my one-night-11-game-winning-streak in Flip-Cup, but my nail polish color. Particularly after this black light party, which Max also brought up.

What?! Wearing the same thing every day is boring – that’s why fashion exists. Plus, who doesn’t hate chipped nail polish? It’s a no-no. I’m a waitress, I used my hands to describe things, point things out, hand people their food and drinks. None of these people want to see chipped nail polish. That’s nasty, and not in the good way.

So, you can imagine that I am pretty well versed in vernis à ongles brands and colors. For this Lovely Lundi: I’ve scoured the brands and found some of the best Halloween friendly polishes around.

First of all, like you can’t judge a book by it’s cover – don’t judge a polish by what it looks like in the bottle.

That shirt you’re wearing didn’t look good on the hanger, but it’s a knockout in person.

Here’s my Super Seven for this October 2011.

*October – not all of these are going to work for November. Unless you’re going to a late Halloween party.

1. Cutest Couple: OPI Black Shatter | OPI On the Same Paige

If there was ever a time where Shatter is appropriate, it’s October.

Thanks to OPI’s website, you can try it on over virtually any OPI color just to see what it’s looks like, you can adjust nail shape and skin color. I like it best over OPI’s On the Same Paige, a burnt orange that is perfect for Autumn. You could also go for OPI’s He’s My Boo, out in their seasonal mini kit, Spookettes. Paired with the Shatter, the orange is almost as chilling as having a black cat pass beneath the ladder you’re standing.

2. Best Evil Villain: OPI Designer Series in Mystery

This deep, dark, sparkly violet brings to mind the evil witch from Snow White or Susan Sarandan’s character in Enchanted. Let’s face it, they may be evil, but they look damn good doing it. In this color – so will you. Runner Up: OPI’s Honk If You Love OPI

3. Best Dressed: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween

By now you’ve seen nail polish strips – last Christmas season’s gold foil ones were to die for. Sally Hansen has come out with 5 Halloween Salon Effects. Mix up with some menacing polish, you don’t have to cover each finger with them. Then again, no one’s going to stop you if you want to do that.

4. Most Ghoulish: OPI Zom-body To Love | China Glaze’s Ghoulish Glow

Both of these glow in the dark. However – China Glaze needs to be placed over another color or it’s this unfortunate milky green. I suppose that makes it Halloween appropriate but you want your nails to look enticing as well as festive. OPI’s Zom-body is a Ghoulish Green color that glows in the dark. Originally, I was all about Zom-body To Love and disappointed in China Glaze’s Ghoulish Glow because it doesn’t work on it’s on, (with enough coats Zom-Body to Love is a cool slime green) but the plus side of Ghoulish Glow is that you can put it over virtually any color. After a little experimentation I realized you can also put a thin coat of Zom-Body to Love over any dark polish and get the same effect. So you can be prim and proper by day, and electrify the crowd by the witching hour. It’s so Jekyll and Hyde, I love it.

5. Most Daring: DIY Decor

For all you overachievers out there. Refinery 29 put together this awesome slideshow of gory, ghoulish, fun, flirty, festive Halloween nails. I love the True Blood inspired ones, personally. Though if you’re a nail biter I suggest the Candy Corn painted nails – at least they look like food so you have an excuse.

6. Most Seductive: Essie Aperitif

A deliciously sexy red that can call to mind a Red Delicious, or blood the second oxygen hits it. It looks so good you want to sink your teeth into…something, then paint your lips the same color and join the dark side. You know it’s true. Whether it’s television or the big screen, these days Werewolves, Vampires and Witches…oh my they’re sexy.

7. Most Electrifying: Nubar Nail Jewels

I’m not one for nail jewelry. Those weird nail ‘rings’ and gems people put on is so not my style – I don’t like anything protruding from my nail like an abnormal growth. However, Nubar’s Nail Jewels are something I could seriously get into. Paint your nails with a dark color like Essie’s Licorice or OPI’s Black Onyx. While the polish is still wet use a make up brush to sprinkle a bit across the tips. Kara McGarth of used Nubar’s Black Chrome as a base coat and Nubar’s Nail Jewels in Electric Orange. The Electric Green would look awesome as well as the Red Jewels. Just don’t mix them – that’s a different holiday.

Well, I’m going to go paint my nails. Again. I’m thinking, “My Private Jet” because let’s face it. Black-ish Glittery nail polish by OPI looks good no matter what season it is.

What colors will you be wearing when the witching hour tolls?

One more thing you may not know about me. 7 is my lucky number.



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