Stare at the Ceiling

That’s pretty much what the doctor prescribed for me for the next three days. Lay on your bed. Stare at the cieling. Don’t do anything that will cause you pain or strain your back.

It happened Friday.

No I don’t know how.

The pain was exacerbated when I was working out, but I don’t think that’s where it started.

So. Here I am. Day 2 out of work. Sitting on my freakin bed. Staring at the cieling.

I found a playlist devoted to this activity. (Thanks StumbleUpon) To be honest, I actually really love the playlist, even if I weren’t staring at the cieling. Check it Out.

See the Sun. The Kooks.
Flightless Bird, American Mouth. Iron & Wine.
You Could Be Happy. Snow Patrol.
Detleft Schrempf. Band of Horses.
I Will Follow You Into the Dark. Death Cab for Cutie.
Love Affair. Copeland.
Casimir Pulaski Day. Sufjan Stevens.
No One’s Gonna Love You. Band of Horses.

I’m already stir crazy. But I can’t do anything. So I got up and made vegan chocolate mousse. Topped it with sweetened coconut flakes and some strawberries, and served it beside a steaming cup of Yogi tea. C’est le Paradis!

I’m cranky. Chocoalte was an obvious answer to that.

It was amazingly simple. 1 Package Silk Tofu in a blender/food processor. 10 oz Vegan Chocolate melted, mixed with 3 tablespoons maple syrup.

Take off the heat, add a little vanilla, or some liqueur, or bourbon. Your call.

Mix together in a processor, or large bowl (I used a hand mixer) then pour into small serving containers. Chill or enjoy warm. I went with chill. I like my chocoalte mousse cold.

I was going to take a picture.

It looked trés jolie.

But I forgot and ate it.

I will say one thing – there’s a reason you shouldn’t work while on pain med and muscle relaxers. I can barely focus. I feel like I have an extremely severe case of add. Everytime I try to finish a thought, I somehow get sidetracked.

Conveniently some heavenly creature created StumbleUpon. The perfect answer to ADHD. Oh, I’ve found such fun stuff. It feel like it’s my birthday and I’m opening a new present every time I click “Stumble.”

I just discovered Musicovery, a site that creates playlists for you based on your mood. You can choose a mood, then an era. It’s really incredible.

Then I found Incredibox which is confusing. But it’s French. So maybe that’s why.

Then I found Stereomood, which seems a lot like Musicovery, so I got confused again.


The Stare At The Ceiling mix ended.


Maybe I should just watch TV.

French Lesson

C’est le Paradis! It’s like Heaven!
trés jolie. very pretty.


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