Bell’s Birthday Bonanza

I booked it back to Boston this weekend. When a friend – and diehard Yankees fan – asked me if I’d want to go to the Red Sox – Yankees game at Fenway Park the only question I had was, “When?!”

So obviously if I had to be home for Sunday, why not be home for Saturday as well.

Commence Friend Appointments.

I always have to book people into my hectic 2-days. Let’s face it. If you haven’t made a reservation, your chances of seeing me are pretty slim.

Which sucks for me, because I really want to see you.

So, per my usual fun, Scooter Mae and JP had priority. We share an affinity for all things festive. Few know me better or are as incredibly wonderful to me.

So it shouldn’t have come as a suprise, when they surprised me,

I’m sitting at the bar, drinking some delicious Rogue Dead Guy. If you didn’t know – Rogue is my faverite brewery. Right after Guinness, obviously.

I turn because JP has been gone for a while, and I was started to get worried that he’d accidentally locked himself in the bathroom, or slipped and fell and desperately needed medical attention STAT.


There he was. With a fire burning from the 20-something candles on the most fabulous birthday cake I have ever seen.

Yes, that’s a chaise lounge. With bunny slippers. A laptop. And a chandelier.

 If that wasn’t enough, they also picked up the hottest pair of Zack Lo shoes I’ve ever seen.

As we cut the cake, it dawned on me.

This was my only birthday cake.

I’d had birthday dessert with my girlfriends at lunch last week. But I had never had cake.

We have this funny family tradition where the birthday person hides somewhere while the others prepare the cake and ice cream, usually accompanied by a couple of presents and some bowls of their favorite candy.

“Telephone!” They shout up to whoever is in hiding.

Not that the phone rang.


In our house, family members always call on your birthday. Sometimes they battle out who is going to be first.

Aunt MaryAnn pretty much always wins. Though this year Conrad and my Clam Shack crew came in first.

So, a phone call sounds totally harmless and not at all like a ploy to get them into the kitchen so we can barrage them with the flashes of a camera and an off-pitch perfect rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ coupled with a flaming chocolate cake with vanilla frosting?


This year has been full of firsts. Fitting then that this is the first year I haven’t spent at least part of my birthday at home with family.

So this hott pink, perfectly accessorized birthday cake was an even better surprise for me than they knew. It was my only birthday cake this year, and it was, without a doubt, the best of all time.

I love you friends. Thanks for filling in the blanks and adding to les meilleurs jours.




les meilleurs jours. the best days.

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