How About We Match Plenty of Fish and Zoosk?

Photo Credit: Aspie Web

Self tells you what to eat, when, and how to run it off. Vogue tells you what to wear, when, and how to pull it off.  Allure tells you what moisturizer makes your skin glow. Glamour tells you how to dress like Vogue tells you to – but on a budget. Cosmo tells you what men want, and when to take it off.

This Glossy Bible – Self, Vogue, Allure, Glamour and Cosmopolitan – seems the perfect guide to prep you for anything from a new job in the city to a first date.

Why, then, does dating in New York City – or any city really –  feel like an elusive abstract art? You’ve got it all there in print. You know exactly what to do. You’re living in NYC,  taking on the concrete jungle. You’ve got friends. You’ve got a job.

Let’s face it, you look damn good on paper.

Maybe that’s why more and more people are turning to the world wide web as their dating scene.

Fifteen years ago, meeting someone online made you worthy of a scarlett letter. Or at the very least, hushed gossip murmuring all around you. Today, people as young as 18 are using websites like Match, eHarmony, How About We, Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, Find Me Love, JDate (a Jewish dating community) and more.

If that’s not enough help for you, Jewish girls and boys can always send their mom to – the matchmaking site that allows your mom to choose who you date. For all you know, your mom may already be on the hunt for your beshert. That would explain the “nice boy she met at the supermarket and invited to join you both for lunch” last weekend.

Everyone has their reasons, stemming usually from a lack of time to hunt for their perfect partner. After all, why waste time dating the wrong people when you can have a computer program line up the best potential matches for you? It cuts out all the legwork.

However. It cuts out all the legwork. Halfway through a Match profile you already know where they’re from, where they went to college, their favorite food, how often they go to the gym, what their dream vacation is…

What exactly do you talk about on the first date?

“So ummm…where were you in that third picture on your profile, you know the one with the parrot…”

Regardless, we’re in an age where people are initially meeting their husbands, wives and partners through a computer screen.  It seems that anyone who’s done it wants you to join their club, “Oh you should try it, it’s great!”

However, there are still plenty that oppose the concept, and in a world of photo-editing and a Craigslist killer, you can’t blame them.

What does this mean for dating in NYC? In America? What’s a girl to do? Online date until she can’t take it anymore? Troll the bars looking for undateable alcoholics? Get some cats, a few crocheting needles and accept fate?

I think I need a drink.

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