Catching Time

Time keeps us running.

Sometimes I wish I could reach my hand out and hold onto it. Stand still with it in my hands, letting it all revolve around me, seeing the moment from every angle.

Sometimes I feel like I’m running from it. Fill each second with a task, don’t waste a breath.

The best moments are when I’m just breathing in it. When everything and nothing is happening at the the same time. When I look up from reading a book and revel in the orchestra of the street and sky, the dance of the people on the sidewalks.

Unfortunately for you, I’ve spent the last month lost between the pages of books instead of found, my fingers bounding key to key on my computer.

In the past month I’ve been badly bruised in a not-so-sober canoeing experience with my cousin and his fraternity. All this after a long, long half-way-cross-the-country-roadtrip to…Michigan. 

I’ve finished more books than I can name and fallen madly in love with Steig Larsson and his “The Girl With…” series.

I’ve started with a personal trainer.  Although I’m not loving the 7am time slot when I work until 1, I’m so strong now!

I’ve been to more brunches this month than I’ve been to in my entire life. Red Rooster owns me.

I’ve assisted on a photo shoot. (Thanks Caroline!)

I’ve bought ridiculous amounts of baby clothes. No, not for me – for the bajillion munchkins that are either already in my life or coming-soon.

Guitar…I actually can play this thing! So we’re getting closer to an open mic night.

I bought an air conditioner. I know, I know, I hate air conditioners, but I never lived in NYC before! New York City in summer is stinky, steamy, and sticky. In all the wrong ways.

So, I may not have much to say today. But that’s mostly because I need to sort out the events of that canoe trip. At what point was it that I first fell out? Whose glasses did I lose? I drank what?!

It was just like being in college.

Super classy.


I also turned 21 last week.

For the 4th time.



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