I <3 DVR

But I bet those reality show contestants hate it.

Frankly, I don’t watch my DVR’d shows until a day or two later – if I’m lucky.

At la maison de Bell we love to watch So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, and Master Chef.

Ok, so the only one that matters here is So You Think You Can Dance.

Don’t watch SYTYCD? You should. These are some of the most incredible dancers I’ve ever seen. They will move you with how incredibly they can move their own bodies.

Watch this video. I cried. CRIED.

I watched the video two days after it aired. You only get a few hours to vote. I don’t even think it’s a full 24 hours.


I tried to watch it the same night after work, but I fell asleep.

So, how many other people out there DVR their shows and don’t get to vote?

I bet there are thousands.

Have these shows taken DVR into consideration? Why do they have the “elimination” show the day after? Wouldn’t it make sense to have the elimination show on Day One of the week, and the dances on Day 2, so you have a week to vote?

Doesn’t that make sense? Or am I being crazy?

I blame DVR for the fact that this couple dance ended up in the bottom three.

Can someone call these execs? I’ve got a feeling the whole dance/elimination schedule should be switched. Use your noggin kids, it’s 2011, and a lot of us work nights.

I’m just sayin.

xo, Bell


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