Jeudi Joie: Lego Love

I think I’ve made it clear that I love, love, love Etsy. For this weeks Jeudi Joie, it’s Lego Love.

Legos are amazing. People that are far more creative and artsy than I am have been making lego sculptures for years. Heck, there’s an entire LEGOLAND. A LAND dedicated to little plastic bricks!

Anyways, on to the real reason I’m talking about Legos.

This guy in Pittsburgh started making jewelry for friends and family while he was in high school and now that he’s moved on to the big bad world of college he’s opened a series of Etsy shops.

His cufflink collections are amazing but my favorite his lego cufflink collection. He’s taken Legos and moved beyond decoration and architecture to- you guessed it – fashion. Using Legos and other neat-o things like Monopoly and Scrabble pieces, he’s created unique cufflinks for the playful childlike side of your favorite man. If he loves legos, that’s a plus, but not totally necessary.

Get Fancy with a Tophat
They Call Me Moneybags
Bonjour! Ca va!?

Plus, all the profits from the sales goes toward helping him pay for college. It’s like charity, supporting a good cause. Granted, there’s a decent chance it’ll also go to the 30 rack of Bud Light he’s buying for this weekend’s partying, but eh, let the boy have fun.

Do you know anyone who would wear these? I wonder what celebs could rock ’em… 


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