Hey, Baby.

April showers bring more than May flowers, they also bring…SUMMER BABIES!!

Everywhere I turn around…babies. Pregnant ladies, too. But mostly…BABIES.

I feel too young to know so many people with babies, but maybe that’s because it’s hard to believe I’m not still in high school.

I am,

aren’t I?

I have a baby shower coming up, and April has just been one big month of showers. Or monsoons like last night. Ugh.

So, obviously, I didn’t bother looking at the registry.

A registry? C’mon – BO-RING.

After finding all those chairs on Etsy, I couldn’t help but look there. Etsy is overflowing with cute-as-a-button-ness. It’s perfect. I could barely narrow it down to ten things I liked.

So I went with 11.

1. This first ones I’d totally get in adult size and just wear them around. Except that I live with two dudes ( One of whom organized our linen closet yesterday! Score! ). Suffice it to say, I’d love to see some little peanut running around with them on.

Pink Bloomers with Ruffle by CacaBaby – $9.95

2. Dress your baby in Gucci and Coach. Baby accessories for the designer-loving mom. Coach, Louis and Gucci. Bottles? Check? Those little pacifier clip holders? Check. Slippers? Belts? Id Holders? Diaper Wipes case? Check! Check! Check! Check! Rhonda thought of everything. Bet her babies first words were Gucci, Louis and Coach, oh my!

Sew Designer Inspired – Diaper Wipes Holder $24 – Pacifier $18 – Belts $21.95

3. The only time it’s okay to dress your daughter (or son) up like a large mammal (or a round vegetable) is when they are too tiny to protest. This Cow Belle Costume is so, so, so cute. Painfully cute. Relish in the early years moms, soon they’ll be picking out their own clothes and that can only mean one of two things, your going to hate it, or your going to worry about how damn good they look and all the phone calls they get after school from boys whose names you don’t recognize.

Sew Simply Sweet – Cowbelle Costume – $40

4. No matter how old your baby boy gets, he’ll always be your little teddy bear. Unfortunately, he won’t fit into this hat forever, so put it on and take plenty of pictures. Presh.

Crochet R Us – Teddy Bear Hat – $15

5. Someday your baby boy will be able to grow a mustache like this all on his own. For now, this pacifier will do.
Plus, its creators are so cute, they even tried it on themselves!
6. I had a blankie (yes, I still call it that) growing up. (I’m the female version of Linus. Except that I shower.)Even now, I have one blanket that I’ve had since college. Between pizza, beer and nail polish, thisblanket has been through a lot. This one that I found is much prettier, and will hopefully be able to handle all the baby throw up (and anything else) it may come in contact with throughout it’s life with  baby.
7. Keep baby toasty warm in a poncho. Babies can wear ANYTHING. They’re cooler than Lady Gaga – she gets bad reviews on her outfits, a baby could wear a planetarium costume and we would say they are the darndest things. Meat dress? HOW CREATIVE! This poncho, will get rave reviews. If I had a baby girl I would just put her in it and watch her waddle around trying to find her hands. Also, it comes in 25 different colors. Fabulous.

8. Because I’ve always wanted to be a pirate. And so have you. Don’t deny it. (I rhymed, did you notice?)

Babybokydesigns – Pirate Onesie – $14

9. My mother used to tape bows to my head. I was bald, and she wanted people to know I was girl. True story. TAPE. I now have thick lustrous hair, so don’t worry, no awful after effects. Gotta do what you gotta do. Or you could just buy a headband, sure it’ll probably fall off, but look at how excited this little girl is to be wearing hers!

Babamoon Crochet Headbands – Little Mouse $16 – Floppy Bunny $28

I also love her Newborn Swaddler – it’s a little peapod cocoon! Baby looks so happy snuggled up in there!

Newborn Baby Crochet Pea Pod – $42

10. I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party. (Ballad of Ricky Bobby) Add a newsie hat and you’ve got a dashing little dude on your hands. Also, there’s 62 tie options. Wearing the same one every day would be so gauche.

Chic Couture Boutique Little Man Tie Onesie $15.50

11. A little something to remind them everyday how special they are. Even though we tell them everyday. Sometimes it’s easier to believe when we know it’s coming from Christopher Robin.

SouthernBogPrims- Winnie the Pooh Quote Wooden Plaque $23

Happy shopping! The sun is shining in NYC and I’m off to enjoy the day!

 What’s your favorite baby shower find?

2 thoughts on “Hey, Baby.

  1. I had a blankie too. Still have it. I will never abandon it.

    BTW, Linus showers/bathes too. You’re thinking of Pigpen, who always had a cloud of dust/dirt following him.

    I’ve only been to a few baby showers, but I like to give books. Maybe that’s lame, but I can think of nothing better than building a child’s book collection.

    1. I always give books, it’s funny I didn’t think to put that in there. I actually have a recurring gift for my Goddaughter. It’s these childrens books that are beautifully illustrated and each one tells the story of a country or city. So far she has Ireland, France and New York City.

      You’re so right! I’m totally confusing them!

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