Sit Up a Little Straighter

Sometimes we need to laugh a little louder. Sing more in the shower and a care a little less if we’re in tune.

Sometimes I just need to clean my house.

It helps. So. Much.

I took a picture though, because let’s be real. I live with two dudes. Beer drinking, football watching, Madden playing, pump iron dudes.

They walked in and it all went to shit. It’s ok. It was clean for a day.

I’ve decided Saturdays are cleaning days. Since I now have weekends off (GLORY!!) I have two days in a row to get everything I need done, or to do absolutely nothing at all. The latter is far more likely.

I lit every candle in the house this past Saturday. It was like being in different seasons in every room. A cinnamon apple spice was in the television room and I felt like it was October and I was baking apple pie.

The bathroom (yes, I have a candle in the bathroom) was Christmas Wreath or something, which obviously made me feel like it was Christmas. The candle actually broke when one of my roommates drunkenly knocked it over one night. But I like the way it looks when it burns behind the broken glass so I left it.

The candle in my bedroom, Dune Grass. I’m going to will summer here with all I have! Plus, my room is like a little beach oasis so it suits the decor.

The way my bedroom looks often is a reflection of how I’m feeling, so when my house is a mess, well, you get it. So, I finally cleaned. I knew it’d make me feel better.

It also helps to see amazing friends. I’m so grateful for them. It doesn’t matter if we’re chatting on skype or running around New York City together, sometimes hearing a friends’ voice is all you need.

When I finished cleaning, I was SO HAPPY. Like, ridiculously overjoyed. Pulled out my guitar, started learning all the songs I’ve been talking about. I wrote a little more, ran the errands I needed to run, and baked some birthday cupcakes for a friend. I turned OFF the tv and turned on my iPod.

I laughed a little louder, and sang in the shower and cared a little less if I was in tune.

It felt good.


3 thoughts on “Sit Up a Little Straighter

  1. Hellllo!

    Welp, I just hope I inspired this blog post. I enjoyed both posts. Hope you are feeling better. I like your explanation of the roomies. You make them sound like those huge guys on the planet fitness commericals…hahaha.

    1. Ha, I know I do. But they are both on working-out-kicks and even Paddy is bulking up. They make me feel so lazy! Except that I’m cleaning the whole house while they are pumping iron…priorities.

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