If I Had a Million Dollars

I’d be rich…and my apartment would smell of rich mahogany.

Ok, probably not. I’d just go crazy on Etsy and buy every cool creation I see.

Lately I’ve been hunting down a desk chair for my bedroom. The black folding chair that we bought when we first moved in is a little low, and there’s no way I’m throwing a desk chair in here. It’s not happening.

Unfortunately I keep finding these really cool chairs or tables and going, “Ah! If I had the need/money I’d buy these in a heartbeat!!”

Check out these cool chairs by Etsy designer jrpummel. One Man’s Junk: The Chartreuse Garage Garbage Can Stools. I want them, I need them, oh baby, oh baby.

Then there’s these Spring Armchairs from Istanbul. I’d be all over these if they didn’t cost 100% more to ship them. They’re so bright and beautiful!

My little brother would appreciate these next ones. Recycled Skateboard Stools by Deckstool in Philly.

I’d be all about getting him one, but this guy looks really awkward when he’s actually sitting on one.

This next one, I would not purchase. It’s called a Super Shag chair, but I’m pretty sure it’s dirty mop heads. Ew. But Dinwiddies says that each strand was individually sewn on. Rough.

I feel like these, from designer simplyparis4701 in Colleyville, Texas, are just going to sit up and start talking. So much character!

If I had little Mini-Bells running around, these numbers chairs from Tambino2010 in Tel Aviv are really cool for a kids room. Or a living room. Wherever you feel like numbers is important. They are so Sesame Street friendly.

These, from Royalkane in San Antonio, are also kid friendly, I’d feel like I was in a fairy tale, and that’s totally ok. Plus, just look at that little baby girl! She’s so precious!

This is my favorite, from Vintage Modernica in San Diego.

Sigh. All I really want is a bathtub couch like the one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I also just want to be Audrey Hepburn, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

If only I had a million dollars!

What’d you buy if you had a million dollars? Or even a thousand?

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