Counting Colors in the Sunrise

I find myself whining lately about my sleep schedule. Or is it my work schedule? Life schedule?

As a cocktail waitress, I don’t think my job should stress me out, at least not outside of work. If you care enough about your job, it’ll always be somewhat stressful.

I may be eating no meat, but I sure am imbibing a lot of wheat. Barley. Hops.


I’ve noticed something. My alcohol consumption rises directly in proportion to my stress levels. The more I miss home, the harder it is to say, “no” when someone says, “Want to get a drink after work?”

But when I’m so stressed at work that I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs or, at the very least, ripping one of my customers a new one, well. On those days, I’m the person saying, “I don’t care who comes with me, but I’m getting a drink after work.”

Lately, we’ve filled our local bar.

Is this why I haven’t been writing? Maybe. Maybe I haven’t had much inspiration lately. Maybe I’m just lazy.

I noticed something.

When I’m really happy,

                                 I write.


      Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Counting Colors in the Sunrise

  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you! I want a glass (or two) of wine almost every night after work (and this doesn’t include going to HH or even out to drinks — just in the comfort of my own home and SWEATPANTS)! I often think: “Am I an alcoholic? Do I NEED this? And why? This is probably why I might feel so chubalub lately…”

    I think I’ve come to the decision that it’s ok. Or maybe I’m just saying that/thinking that way to make myself feel better about it all… who knows. But, I’m not sure I really care right now. Post-grad life is hard. Also, I’ve worked in the restaurant world and everyone ALWAYS went out to get tanked after a shift. No matter if they had to be back at 9am.

    And I definitely write when I’m happy/happiest, too. 🙂

    1. Just saw this reply! It’s good to have someone validate my feelings!
      Post-grad life has been kicking my butt. I’m thankfully drinking far less now, granted people are always saying, “Why aren’t you having some whiskey with that beer…”
      Never thought I’d be questioned for NOT drinking whiskey… lol.
      PS. LOVE your blog. =D

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