Radically Simple

Playing with a centerpiece concept for my table. I knew I wanted flowers so one night I took a gander at some flowers being sold at the corner store. I grabbed a stem of lilies. They were all closed and I thought, “Won’t it be nice to watch them blossom.”

Then they began to open.

Just look at that color! It’s gorgeous!! At first they sat in a Duvel bottle. Why buy vases?

But they’ve been here a little while and I’ve had to prune them back so I moved them to a smaller Izze bottle (thanks for the inspiration on that, Young House Love)

But it looked so lonely, sitting there on the table without any friends. So, during my first ever venture to Surprise, Surprise – which people have been telling me about since, oh, Novembre, I saw a few Mason Jars. Initially I planned on using the one Mason jar I bought to put little New York City keepsakes in. Bracelet from my first concert, a Metro Card, a business card someone gave me in the hopes of picking me up, little love notes from the bartender at my favorite bar (loves it). Then I saw this little blue candle.

Hm…what would happen if I put the candle in the Mason jar?

The jar is a bit larger than the Izze bottle. It may be better suited beside the Duvel bottle, or perhaps an empty bottle of Carpano Antica. I haven’t yet emptied that one, so it’ll be awhile before that happens.

There beside my potential center piece was the cookbook Padraig got me for Christmas. The title? Radically Simple.

A couple of empty jars, a book, a candle and a stem of lilies. Seems simple enough to me, no?

I really wanted to show you and hear your thoughts, but I’m having difficulty with my little Canon. I miss my Nikon DSLR.

Sad Christmas. Take 2. My flash still won’t work.

I think it’ll suit the center of the table for now. As for what to do with the oh-so-blah cream wall behind it. I’m still at a loss. But wait until you see the bathroom! It’s been painted and tomorrow I should put up the sweet-deal-of-a-poster I got. We’ll see if I can get to Target tomorrow.

What do you think? Like the pink lily? Should I go with a smaller Mason Jar?


2 thoughts on “Radically Simple

  1. Not sure if I like the Mason jar Bell………………I think I have the perfect solution for you. Remind me when I see you, although I think you will have to buy a new lily by then…..

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