DIY: Young House Love Inspiration

A week or so ago Caroline introduced me to Young House Love. It was love at first scroll. Pages and pages of do-it-yourself home ideas. Ideas for dorms, ways to save money, ways to utilize things you already have. She gives new perspectives on old furniture.

Since our introduction I’ve been very ‘full steam ahead.’ Called the handyman, got my curtain rods on my wall. Realized later that they are lower than I want them. makes me want to buy a drill instead of call him and have him put them up higher…so we’ll see what happens there.

But really, what I’ve been working on is that green wall that I love so much. I was inspired at Target when I saw four square mirrors next to a pile of white frames. Initially I was going to put pages of old book in the frames. But then, I was looking at Kat‘s blog and it reminded me of all the fabulous pictures I’ve taken while travelling. After another trip to KMart for more frames, I began printing out pictures with colors that would look good against the green.

I went through albums from Ireland, Sicily, Greece, Scotland, France and settled on 8 pictures with blues, yellows, whites, reds, pinks and oranges and thanked my lucky stars that I bought that Canon printer and all that photo paper.

I had 5×7 frames, 4×6 frames, 4×4 frames and four mirrors that were around 5×5. Luckily, I had also bought a fabulous Household Assortment box that contained pretty much everything you could need to hang something on a wall. Who says I don’t spend wisely?

I didn’t measure, didn’t plan. I knew it would take a lot for me to step out of my usual thinking for this one. I love being creative but I’m very pattern oriented. For some reason it’s just how my brain works and looks at things. I look for symmetry, but symmetry was not what I wanted in this case. I put the first nail in the wall and hung one picture. Then I started adding, and subtracting and moving. It didn’t just jump on the wall for me but after awhile, it seemed to come together.

Then I got stuck. How can I use all of these how am I going to get it to balance out?

Then a little light bulb popped up above my head and I pulled the string. Oh wait, I bought that canvas paper for printing on just the other day.

So, do I want to print a picture on it? No, no. I know, a quote, a quote. But what? I like with a boy and let’s be real all this decorating already makes it very clear that he lives with a chick. Sorry Paddy, I love to decorate. Just can’t help it.

So after perusing the world wide web for useful quotes, comedic anecdotes and generally inspirational stuff, I landed on this one, “We’re all mad here” from Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland” and I printed it out immediately. It just, fits.

So I printed it out, cut the canvas paper down to size and grabbed a lighter and burned the edges a bit. It’s canvas, I didn’t want to put it in a frame or pull it taut, I wanted it to just be there, as it is.

I like that I can swap it out should I find another quote I love. I do love quotes and there are so very many out there. But I think this one was the most gender neutral. I’ve done enough to my poor roommate and I’m not even done yet…the dining table comes on Saturday.

I can’t wait to have somewhere to eat that isn’t the couch. I’m tired of vacuuming. But I digress. The final product?

I love it. I have more to do so I’m not going to show you the entire room yet. Don’t worry though, I’ll get there.

What have I learned from this DIY project? Well for one, my shopping habits really are beneficial! I really do use everything I buy!! So there. But, more importantly, I learned that I can actually step out of the rigidity of structure and patterns to make something that is still balanced and really pretty. Now, what should I do with the wall across from it. ::Sigh::


One thought on “DIY: Young House Love Inspiration

  1. Oh my gosh Brittney, I love your blog! I am super envious that you live in NYC, too — I so have to visit you and Caroline. What a great wall you have there… I am honored to be apart of it! 🙂 Hope you are well.

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