Day Zero Project

I know. Oh, Bell et ses projets. Yes, I love them. You can totally blame WordPress, because it’s through WordPress that I stumbled onto Stacy’s page and I went all doe-eyed. You know what that means.

This one will take far longer than 30 days – oh and this time, there’s an actual deadline. I don’t really feel like the 30 Days of Truth has a deadline, the point is more that you finish it, not in how long it takes.


Day Zero Project.

The concept? It encourages you to complete as many of your 101 goals as possible in 1,001 days.

My starting point? I have to list 101 goals by my start date, which will be February 1st.

From there I’ll have 1,001 to complete as many of them as possible.

I like deadlines. They help me get things done.

So, without further ado, my first five.

1. Learn guitar.

2. Learn Italian.

3. Skydive the Alps.

4. Write that book…

5. Write & Record an Album

1,001 days? I can totally do this.

French Lesson

Bell et ses projets. Bell and her projects.


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