30 Days of Truth: Day 13 – Sing Me a Song

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (Write a letter.)

This one seems a wee bit cheesy to me, but my goal isn’t necessarily to comment on the topics, it’d just to complete this 30 Days of Truth List.

I can’t pinpoint a specific band that has gotten me through some ‘tough-ass’ days.

Dear Sarah McLachlan, Patty Griffin, Ari Hest, Jay Brannan, Dustin Kensrue,

Dear Musicians that I listen to,

It’s not that you’ve gotten me through some ‘tough-ass’ days, or even played the soundtrack to my life. Though I’ll admit, some of you have come pretty damn close. I think I’ll write my own though.

It’s that you are my connection with people, moments, places. Music teleports me through time and places.

I’m 19 cruising along Route 93 in the first car I ever bought | Rascal Flatts, Mulberry.

I’m translating for beautiful blond Becca, because we seemed to have our own language |Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin

I’m crossing a bridge in Lowell, my father is driving | Lola, The Kinks.

I’m 17 and in love for the first time | The Right Man, Christina Aguilera.

It’s Christmas time, I’m singing and wrapping gifts by our big family tree | My Only Wish, Britney Spears

So there isn’t one specific artist  that has helped me through life. HOwever, there are countless songs that take me places. So for that, I am grateful to all musicians. When we are stuck at some place in our lives, nothing is better than being able to teleport to whenever, wherever we want to be. Just close your eyes, and turn up the music.

“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.” Anais Nin



Vanessa Carlton – Private Radio

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