30 Days of Truth: Day 12 – Compliments Ungiven

I decided to take a cue from Hope on this one.

I place so much importance on the compliments others give me, that I fail to notice the compliments I never give myself. And so I’m making a slight ammendment to this truth and I am going to ask you this:

What compliment do you never give yourself, but really should?

Initially, I thought, “Well, I think I give myself credit…most of the time.”

Sure, I mean, when I saw my Christmas tree after I had decorated it I gave myself a nice pat on the back. Gosh darn I was a good Christmas tree decorator. But, really, what do I never compliment myself on?

My ass? Well, it barely exists but I don’t think that’s quite the point of this.

I probably don’t give myself enough credit for all the things I’ve done for myself. I’m so busy feeling guilty about leaving that I forget why I left in the first place – to do what’s best for me.

So, Miss Bell, you should be proud. Moving to New York City, knowing only one person there, is not easy.  Scared shitless you may have been, and yet you did it anyway. You still need to get off your ass a bit more an get out there – but I think you’re moving in the right direction. You always seem to know what you need to do for yourself and the right time for it to happen. For that, you should really give yourself more credit.



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