Adieu à 2010

Anyone that reads this knows that, well, I’m happy to say goodbye to 2010. It’s been a trying year, and though I know I’ve learned much from it, I’m excited to start fresh.

Although this year saw a complete deterioration of my relationship with my father, and is ending with the divorce of my parents, it also saw some of the most memorable days of my life thus life.

And I didn’t write about any of them. Really. Not a one. So here’s what I’m thinking, a good way to say good-bye to this rollercoaster year is to reflect on le meilleur of it’s 365 days.

Mid-August, sun shining, temperatures in the mid-80s. It was one of the few days of the entire summer that I actually had off.

I woke my family and told them to get dressed.

“We’re going out.”

Où ?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

I knew where we going, I had planned it all in my head as I went to sleep that night. I had just had a final interview for a job in New York City, there was a good chance that I wouldn’t have a solid day to spend with them for awhile. (I was right, everytime I go home I have a million things to do it seems.)

You see, we used to go to la plage every summer. Two weeks, the same house, every year. In fact, the one year they tried to do something different with us and expand our horizons, we bitched and moaned the entire time. Wicked nice of us right? But I digress, we didn’t go to the beach this year, since our neighbor at the beach is the woman my dad left for. So…that kind of ruined that.

No beach, no vacation, no dad. It was a very different summer for them, and I knew it hadn’t been easy for any of them. What they needed was a day or pure fun.

So I put them in the car and I drove. I didn’t drive to our beach. I didn’t drive to the restaurant on the water that we would always go to with my Nana and my cousins. I drove all the way to Maine to a little seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere. We feasted. Steamed lobster, steamed clams, fried scallops, fried haddock, fried clams, whatever they wanted, we got.

We walked through the adjoining store and marveled at tiny beach mementos and themed decor. We went to the outlets and barely bought anything. We stopped in a candy shoppe that we drove by.

There was nothing monumental about this day. It simply was. We didn’t record every second. In fact, we have barely any pictures. On this day, we just lived. We laughed, we smiled, we felt the sun warm on our faces. We drove to places we’d never been. We shopped, we ate.

So simple, yet for me and I suspect perhaps for them, it was the best day of my entire year. After all that we were in the middle of, to see my family laugh, and smile and forget about all the bad, even for just a few hours, filled me with the most intense happiness and serenity that I have ever felt.

As I delve into 2011, I will remember that sometimes, the simplest of moments are the best ones.

The only photos that exist from our aventure.

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What was your best moment of 2010?

French Lesson

Adieu – Farewell.
‘Adieu’ is a final goodbye. It literally translates to ‘to God’ or ‘until God.’ It is used when you don’t expect to see the person again                until you die and go to Heaven, hence ‘until God.’

le meilleur – the best

Où ? Where?

La plage. The beach.

Aventure. Adventure.


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