20SB Blog Swap

This is the first time I’ve signed up for the 20SB (20 Something Bloggers) Blog Swap, or any blog swap for that matter.

A Blog Swap pairs up bloggers who will then write a post to be published on their partner’s blog.

I’ve been partnered up with Amy of  ‘New Adventures in Dreamworld.’ Check out her blog on the wonders of motherhood and knowing when opportunity knocks, you answer. I think she’s pretty inspirational, but go on, read for yourself.

Attention ladies and gentlemen, Amy has the floor.

When I signed up for the 20SB Blog Swap, I had no idea a) who my swap partner would be or b) what we would be blogging about. Truth be told, I think I could cope with most anybody as a swap partner but how would I approach a surprise topic, especially if it was something I’d never thought about before? So when we found out the topic was to be “ Action – What Will You Do Next Year That You’ve Been Putting Off For Too Long ? “ I let out a little sigh of relief. It was definitely a topic that I’d thought about before, and certainly  something I could give an answer for…. but what the hell is the answer? There are probably a million things I need to take action on! Should I pick something tangible, something whose success or failure could be measured ? You know, like learning Spanish ( which is on the to do list ) or becoming a yoga instructor ( also on the to do list )…. or should I go with something a little more conceptual, which could be worked towards without a specific goal or deadline?

I’ve gone with conceptual. Last time I went with the whole abstract, emotional, personal goal thing was 2009, a year in which I promised myself I would say “yes “ more often than I said “no”, thus opening myself up to opportunities I would normally miss out on. And what did that get me ? A gorgeous fiancé and a crazy, cheeky, spunky baby boy ( or soon to be ex-baby – we’re talking a week til his 1st birthday, two days after Xmas! ). So here’s the brief for 2011:

Action – to honestly speak your mind, instead of hoarding emotional crap until you explode in a sudden, and fierce, inferno of rage/jealousy/melancholy.

So there  you have it – this coming year I will actively try and let others know what I’m feeling, when I’m feeling it, instead of holding my tongue in a vain attempt to keep everybody happy ( everyone except me, that is ). I have learned the hard way this year that no matter how much you hold in, no matter how much you want to keep the peace, that sometimes it’s just not worth it ( and that some people will never be happy, regardless of what you do, so you may aswell just get the truth out there from the start ).  You may lose your supposed best friend, you may risk getting fired from your job, or you may just make someone momentarily unhappy but on most occasions the whole “honesty “ thing has got to better than keeping everything close to your chest, weighing down on you like some kind of emotional paperweight. So there you be – 2011, the year of actively living honestly. And not taking shit. Because that shit, my friends, just ain’t worth it….

–   Amy Wells



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