Christmas on the Amex

“Christmas my child, is love in action…Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” – Dale Evans Rogers

I’ve always loved this season. I love giving gifts. So much so that I go a teensy bit overboard.

I see one gift I like for someone, then I buy them another gift, because it was just, so perfect.

Then I remember there was this thing I ordered them…

Next thing I know, everyone on my list is getting at least 3 gifts and I have plenty of miles on my JetBlue card. Florida in January? Maybe California?

My roommate isn’t as much of a fan of Christmas as I am, for his own personal reasons.

“It makes you happy,” he said one day, “and I’m happy because you’re happy.”

I think I’m warming him up to the whole Christmas thing. So much so that we went out and got a real live Christmas tree the other day!

I spent like $30 on ornaments, ribbon and lights for the tree before we’d even gone out to get it. A few days ago we trekked a few blocks north to a corner in Harlem that we could see from our balcony (on the 33rd floor)  to a row of evergreens. When we got there the gentleman selling them explained that they wouldn’t open that day because it had rained and then got down to freezing temperatures so they were all pretty frozen shut.

Not problem. I pointed to the first one that was the color green I wanted (yes, there are different greens) and he wrapped it up. We grabbed a tree stand and $70 later (with tip), we were on our way home with our tree.

Unfortunately, we chose one of the coldest days this year to make this trip. I had gloves on and we both had our hoods up, but no matter. We were frozen. My fingers ached – and he didn’t even have gloves.

What’s worse? He’s from Arizona and not exactly used to this kind of cold. I warned him, “This is pretty bad, but it will be colder.”

A few hours later our tree was opening up and as we took a look at it with all it’s ornaments we both concluded that it was perfect. How’s that for bonne chance?

French Lesson:

Bonne Chance – Good Luck


2 thoughts on “Christmas on the Amex

  1. And a “Bonnie Chance’
    to you my bestest if sll friends!!!!
    Love and Best of of wi to all mys!!!all Friends
    Love and friendship my dearestv daughter!!”

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