30 Days of Truth: Day 7 – Life Worth Living For

Day 7 – Someone Who Has Made Your Life Worth Living For

When my cousin asked me to be her maid of honor, I was, well, honored. 

When she asked me to be Godmother to her daughter, I was beyond honored.

When there’s this little tiny human that supposed to look up to you, perspectives change. Suddenly when I did something wrong, I felt worse, because I was supposed to be an example for her. How could I be a good example for her, when I couldn’t even do right for myself?

When something went awfully wrong that I had no control over, holding her was a comfort to my soul.

When everything seems to fall apart, her laugh can make everything seem all right.

Ironically, I’ve found the strength in the years since she was born (she is almost 2!) to try new jobs (twice), move to a different state, and blog the truth with all my heart.

I don’t get to be near her, or watch her grow. That, I regret.

What I am proud of, is that someday, when she grows up and I say, “Whatever your dreams are – follow them. Life can be an exhilarating ride and can take you to incredible places, but if you’re too scared to get in the car – you’re not going to get anywhere.”

When I say that to her, I can feel confident that I’ve followed my own advice.

I think of her constantly. I hope that someday she’ll look back and be proud of me and what I’ve done. I’m excited for the days that I can teach her all about the places I’ve seen and the things I’ve done.

They say to live for yourself, but it’s nice to have a ‘check’ that isn’t just your own conscience; disappointing myself isn’t nearly as heart breaking as disappointing her.


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