DIY: Canvas “Painting”

A week or so ago I discussed my first venture into the Bryant Park Shops that are set up for the holidays – I have yet to skate there, but you’ll know when I do.

My favorite shop was The Walking Art. The NYC Collages are incredible and I wanted one so badly for my apartment, but I just couldn’t justify spending money. The colors are incredible, I would buy every picture if I could, and when Isaw his canvas collages that seemed to be made with masking tape and canvas and some sort of wood stain, I thought, “Hey, I can at least try!”

The thought subsided until I found a gorgeous picture in Vogue. It reminded me of a picture I had taken when I was visiting Blarney a few years ago. So I tore the page out and decided this would be my first attempt.

I headed to Pearl Paint down in Chinatown and bought masking tape, quick and easy wood stain, and a 9″x11″ canvas and got to work.

I rolled the masking tape in the wood stain instead of continuously wiping it because I decided to use the tape to hold the magazine picture down. I rolled the tape in the stain, waited for it to dry and applied it to the canvas over the picture. I did that five times, to cover each edge of the canvas, while ripping the tape carefully on the inside to leave an uneven finish. I did not use the stain on the actual picture because I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be an I didn’t want to ruin the picture – it’s too lovely. But I plan on trying that next. We’ll see how it goes. For now, my apartment has a little bit of DIY artwork. At $15 all together, (and plenty of tape and paint left over) I think it’s a pretty good deal! 

2 thoughts on “DIY: Canvas “Painting”

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