2 Folding Chairs and a Hoover

I have a home! (A second one anyways – don’t worry Mom, it doesn’t compare to Home.)

First thing I bought? A Keurig. You better believe it. We all know how I feel about coffee!! Having that machine has made my days so much better. It also helps that when I wake up, I can actually leave my room, and go into another room, and sit down – albeit on the floor for awhile – and have my coffee.

Paddy bought a TV, and a PS3, and surround system.

Hey, we have our priorities.

I didn’t care about a TV, I get more done when I don’t have one, but I must say, the picture is fabulous and DVR is a gift from God.

Night one was spent on the floor. We hadn’t been shopping yet, but I had brought blankets and one pillow. Paddy used his jacket.

We turned on my laptop, popped in a DVD and fell asleep on our fresh new carpet in my room. Luckily, I had brought my feather bed from college, so that gave a little cushion against the floor. The next day we woke with aches in our legs but we were still high on the fact that we had just moved into our new apartment.

Obviously, we went shopping. Thus the Keurig and Television joined us, as well as silverware and dinnerware so we don’t eat like cavemen. We moved to Paddy’s room that night, and he found himself addicted to Madden 2011. I’ve never even heard him mention football until he started playing this game and now he talks about touchdowns and yards run and first downs…

The next morning, I went shopping again. This excursion’s purchases? Cleaning supplies. No joke. I bought a Hoover, Turbo Cyclonic. Wicked. Awesome. Three of our rooms have brand new carpet and since we were sleeping on the floor we woke up with carpet lint all over us.

Now we have two Swiffers, yeah that’s right, two! Sweeper and the Wetjet! Plus Comet, Windex, Granite Wipes, Stove Cleaner, Toilet Scrubbers, Scrubbing Bubbles, Wood Cleaner, etc. What? I like a clean house. I’m not saying I’m neat. I’m not. Don’t get it twisted. I throw my clothes everywhere then look around like, “How did this place get messy?” But everything has to have a place and everything better be deep down clean.

I was on my hands and knees scrubbing our floors, our bathroom, our toilet (ew), and spraying for (eek!) cockroaches. That shit is not going to be in my apartment. End. of. Story.

Day 3 of shopping? We bought furniture. Ok, ok. We bought a folding tv tray table – the kind your grandma uses so she can eat while she watches tv – and two folding chairs. Oh, and a rockin’ gamer chair so he can play his Madden 2011 in comfort as many first downs as he wants. 

I obviously set it up (on day 1) like Le Petit Bistro. Little (big Yankee Candle) Candle in the center, smells like Dune Grass, mmmm take me to the beach. Then a cute little photo behind. (Yes it’s a DIY project, there will be more. Check out how!)

It got even cuter when Emily and Marcelo added a bottle of wine. They came over one night and sat our floor with us eating cheese and drinking wine. A very New York style housewarming.

I did some Craigslist searching and found a chocolate brown entertainment center (really just a short bureau with room for a cable box or 6) for $30. Perfect, right?!

Yeah, well. We picked it up without a hitch, it was light enough to carry to the corner of the street. There we attempted to catch a cab.

No. Such. Luck.

Our little system isn’t huge, it could fit in the backseat or something. But after 20 minutes of being turned down, I was frustrated and wanted to just carry it to the subway. At $2.25 it’s a deal for shipping and handling. But Paddy was not interested. So he called a cab.van service.


What?! I just paid $30? It’s going to cost us forty just to take it a mile!

But he was willing to pay, so I said, “Whatever.” I plopped myself on top of the chest and waited.

And waited…and waited.

In the meantime we moved the entertainment center from the NE side of the corner, to the NW side, to the SW side, then over to the SE side. My annoyance was growing rapidly.

About 20 minutes after our final move, he showed up. A rickety green van with no windows and a toddler in the passenger seat – to be fair she was in a kids seat.

I looked at Paddy thinking, “What is going on?” Then the guy opened the back doors of the van. There were two folding chairs – for us obviously. So we got everything and everyone loaded in and Paddy and I sat facing each other on two folding chairs.

A smile stretched across my face. I could feel it, wide, trying so hard not to laugh out loud at our situation.

“This is way better than taking the subway,” I said wide-eyed.

The little girl in the seat was, as an understatement, gorgeous. She was smiling and happy and played peek-a-boo and catch with us and called us each by name. By now, any annoyance I had felt toward this guy had disappeared entirely. $40 was totally worth this experience.

When we got home, all of us in one piece, we thanked him profusely. “Your daughter is beautiful!” I said.

“Thanks so much, I’m a single dad, so that’s why she has to be with me.”

My little heart pitter pattered. Tip the man Paddy.

We didn’t even have to wait 20 minutes for the elevator this time. We made it up in record time.

We have home. Not a lot of furniture. But I have somewhere where I can paint the walls. Yesterday at work, someone looked at me and said, “Are you happy?”

“Huh? Yeah?”

“You look happier, less stressed.”

I smiled. Yes darling. I am. It feels so good.

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