Home Sweet Harlem?

Paddy and I started our search for an apartment. We sat in a Starbucks looking at Craigslist and discussing all the amenities that were important to us.

Kitchen. The kitchen is at the top of my list. New York kitchens are more like nooks and I wanted a kitchen that I could cook in, and space for my Keurig on the counter. Those who know me – know how important my coffee is to me.

So I turned to Paddy to ask him what he really wanted. A balcony.

“A balcony?”

“Yeah, because you’re outside but you’re still in your house.

I couldn’t argue. Balcony got added to our list of things we wanted.

So by the time we finished deciding what we wanted, our list included:

  • balcony
  • spacious (as much as NYC can be) kitchen
  • elevator (You try lugging all your groceries up five flights of stairs.)
  • hardwood floors
  • doorman

Then I saw the ad.

$1890 / 3br – DRMAN/ELEV GUT RENV TRUE 3BD BALCNY FREE UTILITIES +free rent! (upper upper east side 4,5.6 train 1 minute away 24 hour door)

I know better than to believe anything on Craigslist that says “Upper East Side.” So I called, damn straight it’s in Harlem. But it’s on the lower end, more like Upper, Upper East Side which is totally different from Upper, Upper, Upper East Side.

So we decided to go see it.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little uneasy when I came out the train station. There were a LOT of people just standing around. But as I looked through the crowd, I saw Boston Red Sox hats on a lot of the people.

Spanish Harlem, baby.

Our realtor is the talker-type. He talks a lot, and told us he was an actor working a small part on a current TV series. Neither Paddy or I had ever seen the show.

“But I’ve heard of it!”

Luckily, he wasn’t fazed by the fact that we didn’t know what show he was on.

The first apartment he showed us was unfinished. But it had promise. Then he showed us a two bedroom before taking us up to the 33rd floor – the highest floor – to see the other 3-bedroom.

There it was.

My kitchen.

Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and even a dishwasher surrounded by plenty of counter-space. Sure there was only two or three feet down the center, but who cares!?

Then across a spacious living room, there it was. A balcony. I could see across the Harlem river, counted at least 7 bridges, oh and there’s an advertisement for the History Channel. I LOVE the History Channel!

The bedrooms had fresh new carpet just installed, which was evident from the new carpet smell that permeated the apartment. Then there was the bathroom.

His and Her sinks.

He can keep his shit in one place and I can keep mine in another. It doesn’t get more perfect than that, especially when I’m about to live with a boy.

I lived with a boy before, so I couldn’t be happier about that fact. I shudder just thinking about it.

The application process started. If you’re curious, it’s not that fun. We got everything together as fast as possible and now we’re waiting…waiting…waiting.

I loathe waiting. I’m stubborn and impatient and waiting really grinds my gears.

So will we be living in Spanish Harlem? Two Irish kids with an affinity for good whiskey and carefully constructed prohibition-era cocktails. Is Harlem ready for us?

Stay tuned.

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